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The Best Interior Painting Company in Nashville!

5 Star Home Services provides complete interior painting services throughout your home. If it can be painted, we paint it, areas like; bathrooms, cabinets, stairs, high ceilings, the handrail running up your stairs, even your garage floor.

At 5 Star Home Services we pride ourselves on our workmanship as well as the products we use. Our professional painting crews follow a strict methodology that helps guarantee your beautiful new paint job will stay beautiful for years to come.

5 Star Home Services believes in you pay for what you get period.. 

We Provide The Following Services..

  1. Custom Interior-Exterior Painting,Drive Way Sealing,Epoxy, Garage Floors and Staining of all Kinds
  2. Expert Hardwood Flooring,Tile Flooring,Tile Back Splashes and Custom Showers
  3. Custom Built Decks




 So Why Choose 5 Star Home Services ?

  1. We are always on time and we finish as planned.
  2.  Were going to treat you with respect and you will feel at ease with our employees that work for 5 Star Home Services no subcontractors period. 
  3.  We only use high end products to do your job. Such as Paint,Caulk or whatever products were using.We believe in giving you a finish that is going to last.. 
  4.  The owner comes out on all estimates not some salesman working off of a commission. He is also on the job daily he just doesn't come to pick up the check. We believe in building relationships with every customer. 
  5.  We are going to treat everything in your home with respect and treat you like a person..We are fully licensed and insured to give you the piece of mind that you deserve... And as always we never charge for estimates... 

While working in your home we stay busy, and do not interfere with your normal activities. We are polite, courteous and respectful, and we only use conversation that is suitable for anyone. We bring the right tools to get the job done and even though we cover your furniture and counters, we never use them as a tool shelf. We prepare your painted areas properly, sanding, caulking, and priming where needed before one drop of paint is applied. This insures long lasting integrity and beauty for years to come.

We keep our work areas clean and neat, removing trash each day, which keeps your home clean and makes us more efficient while promoting safety. 

Need help picking a color? Try Sherwin Williams Color Guide for free...

  For Special Offers

Need Drywall Repairs or Wallpaper Removed?

There is always a little drywall repair or wallpaper that needs to be removed. We can even take care of that old pop-corn on your ceilings. 5 Star Home Services provides complete Handyman services. We employ skilled craftsman that can take care of any repair job in your home.

At 5 Star …You are completely covered..
Call today….615-906-5408 You will be glad you did.

If you are looking for the cheapest company in town for Painting  that's not us.If you are looking for someone as the owner of the company not some salesman to show up and explain our complete process to you and keep our word of what we say then you have chosen the right company for your Painting Needs. We believe in you pay for what you get.


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